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Product Description Price
Eurolox hot pot EL5001 W $59.99
Eurolox hot pot EL5051 S $64.99
Magic Mill slow cooker 6 Qt. $68.99
Magic Mill slow cooker 9 Qt. $99.99
Dualux oval slow cooker $69.90
Israheat hot plate (small)
(21 1/2" wide x 12 3/4" deep)
Israheat hot plate (large)
(21 1/2" wide x 16 3/4" deep)
Magic Mill crepe maker $29.99
Bosch Universal Mixer (700 W) $439.90
Bosch Universal Mixer Plus (800 W) $489.90

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     Eurolox hot pot EL5001 W
     Eurolox hot pot EL5051 S
     Magic Mill slow cooker 6 Qt.
     Magic Mill slow cooker 9 Qt.
     Dualux oval slow cooker
     Israheat hot plate (small)
     Israheat hot plate (large)
     Magic Mill crepe maker
     Bosch Universal Mixer (700 W)
     Bosch Universal Mixer Plus (800 W)

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