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Blums Paper Goods is a unique service business. Our focus is providing you with quality paper products at deeply discounted prices. We provide the consumer with top of the line paper and plastic goods - the finest and most exquisite the industry has to offer - with personalized service and discounts. The budget minded party giver will find a fabulous array of goods to choose from. And service - our trademark - is there for the most elaborate to the simplest requests!

Our excellent business practices have gained us the respect of top manufacturers in the disposable products field. We have excellent contacts that allow us to almost always order anything you have seen anywhere else if we do not have it in stock. You can be assured that our prices will amaze you.

We take personal pride in helping you create the look you want with complete respect for your taste and budget. We make it work for you.

For local customers, we have convenient daily store hours or we can arrange private appointments and showings. Our showroom is stocked with disposable items you never thought existed. “Wow! They make that in disposable? It’s so lovely and real looking.” is a comment often heard as customers enjoy the ambiance of our relaxed showroom, replete with an unparalleled array of stock.

In addition to our elegant variety of tableware products, we have an impressive assortment of Judaic theme products and decorative, creative ideas for all life cycle events. Spend some time in our showroom - whether it is a lavish party, family celebration or just a desire for an esthetically pleasing, lovely, and unique disposable product. We are certain that you will agree that our impeccable taste and fine sense of style will make us your only choice for disposable tableware.

This is a win—win experience, the best and most outstanding product for the best price with undoubtedly the BEST service. We look forward to the pleasure of being a part of your next party.

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